How Can I Customize What Users See For My Location's Branding?

By partnering with My MiniGolf Scorecard, your users will see your logo appear at the top of their screen while they're keeping score, as well as in social media uploads they post to Facebook. 

If you upgrade to a branded or custom app, the entire appearance of the app (including color scheme and app icon) will be set to match your printed or online materials. Users will also have access to special photo frames that overlay your logo above pictures they upload to Facebook via the app.

What Benefits Does An App Have Over Traditional Scoring Cards?

Several! Many visitors to your location these days already have a smartphone in their pockets, and most will probably agree that they would prefer to keep score with an app as opposed to fumbling around with a pencil and scorecard while trying to play. Plus with automatic scoring, there's no chance for math errors.

Players will also love how easy it is to post their scores to Facebook for friends to see. Facility owners will love not having to spend a fortune on paper and pencil supplies.

How Easy is it to Sign Up?

Just a few minutes! If you're a facility owner (or represent a facility), visit our Claim a Location page and fill in the fields. One of our representatives will be in touch shortly afterwards to facilitate getting your logo, providing you with login credentials to edit your location's information, and to handle any applicable payment.

What Social Media Features are Available?

Your guests will have the ability to post their completed scorecards directly to Facebook for all their friends and family to see. Best of all, your facility's logo will appear prominently at the top, encouraging others via positive word-of-mouth advertising to visit for themselves. 

If you upgrade to a custom branded app, users will also have access to special photo frames that overlay your logo above pictures they upload to Facebook.

How Do I Promote the App to My Guests?

Once you've partnered with My MiniGolf Scorecard, the best way to encourage users to download the app is to post flyers in highly visible locations (near the entrance, purchasing counter, etc.) alerting guests an app is available. You can download sample flyers from our resources page — each has a special QR Code that guests can scan with their phone to take them directly into the app store for their device. 

Beyond signage, we would also encourage our partners to promote the app over social media to fans. The younger generation in particular is always connected, and many will hopefully flock to your facility to try the app out for themselves.

How Can the App Help My Indoor Blacklight Mini Golf Facility? 

Your guests will love the convenience of using a brightly-lit screen to keep their score as opposed to keeping track on a paper card. Facility owners stand to save even more on supplies than a traditional outdoor location as the glow-in-the-dark cards and pencils are often more expensive.

Will the App Always Remain Free to Download?

Yes! Non-branded apps in the future may include in-app advertising, however users will never have to pay to download the app from the iTunes Marketplace or Google Play store.

What Kind of Features are Coming Soon?

We're open to ideas and suggestions for improving the product and making it more valuable to your guests! Some possibilities include:

  • New team scoring modes
  • Additional social media integration
  • Saving games, displaying stats over time