About Us

Recall the last time you had to call a large company. Chances are you were greeted with an automated agent, thrown into a confusing maze of touch-tone ‘options’, and finally put through to someone who, if lucky, may have been able to answer your questions.

At wddonline, when the phone rings, we answer it. It’s just one of the many ways we strive to ensure total customer satisfaction — the kind that can only be provided by a small but dedicated team.

The best ways to describe the wddonline work culture? Focused. Driven. Adaptive. Given our size, every team member is constantly expanding his or her knowledge of the web industry and pushing the limits of tools available to meet our clients’ needs. This means when starting a new project, our project managers can offer comprehensive solutions based on their exhaustive experiences. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

App Development

Reviewers' Choice. My Mini Golf Scorecard for Androidwddonline has been building Internet applications since the mid 1990's and the progression into mobile application development was a natural one for us.  Our experience in the amusement and attraction industry focused our strategy on applications that would help our clients. 

wddonline is an Appcelerator Gold Partner, which means that our developers have been trained and certified in cross platform application development. 

In addition to My Mini Golf Scorecard, wddonline is also the developer of MyPark a premier guest experience application for amusement parks, zoos, fairs and other amusement destinations. 


We work to help you build strong relationships with your core audience should it be current or potential customers, members or employees.

Your interaction with wddonline will not be a "one time and we are done" relationship. We are here for you every day to consult with you on new technologies and keep your online relationships strong and lasting. Most of our client base has been with us for many years, and counts on wddonline as a trusted business partner.

Our Services

As the years have passed and the Internet has evolved, we have continued to remain strong in our core competencies of website design and website development and have added to our services those that support this core competency such as:

We are not an advertising or branding agency and have chosen to limit our services to those related to creating and supporting websites both traditional and mobile. We feel that by sticking with what we do best and doing it better than anyone else, we serve our clients. We work closely with our customers' advertising and branding agencies to bring a consistent message online.